How can They do it? !

 using pin names and some great makeup / style artist, they keep the pressure off, you will know who they are ! youve seen these Models in many adds, many Photo's.
all over the net !.
as i go and  as I learn it, ill share there pin names. and let you all stew over it.

The Valkyrie Twins

Uncovering and updating the past and future of the elusive Valkyrie Twins. Famed Fashion Models using various Pen Names in there Careers.
Known for there fame by the local Lore's dubbing them the Daughters of Odin, for their names, shared birth dates,shared birth hospital, and both of favored Scottish chieftain fathers.
their careers took start off this local myth that the two were joined heavenly as well as personally, in odd twist of fate the two fem fatal's are dating each other.

 Valkyrie Klynn Macgreger (born 09 November 1986)
is a Scottish Model. her fame started as a teen, being one of twins
in her home town posing for advertisements in Inverness Scotland.
Klynn is a busy model through Vogue UK. doing added shows with
Victorian Secrets,GQ,Sports Illustrated and more.  Miss Klynn
 speaks Scottish Gaelic(gd) and uses assorted Pin names in her career of Modeling.
She is in a Civil Union with Model Valkyie Catherine Maclaomainn

Valkyrie Catherine Maclaomainn (born 09 November 1986)Scottish Gaelic(gd)
Speaking.A Scottish born Model,Achieving Start-um as a "twin" to her non birth
foster sister Valkyrie Klynn Macgreger.posing in advertizements for
local Businesses when both were thrust into the light by Alexandra Shulman
in 1996 and with this Scottish Highlands discovery,
Alexandra Shulman Landed Vogues UK's Throne in 1997.
Catherine like Klynn Macgreger uses pin names in her
carreer as an attempt to maintain some privacy with her
civil Union Partner Valkyrie Klynn Macgreger. Catherine is very busy what
with Vogue U.K,Sports Illustrated,Victoria's Secret,The Lady,The Scots Magazine
and many more. Miss Catherine is not the Average super model, Holding 4 degrees from the University od St.Andrews. 2 Masters in Psychology ,1 masters in sociology and 1 in Behavioral Science. Completing her Last Degree at the Age of 24) Many would say Catherine is a Proverbial Nerd or geek with an IQ ranging in the 190's to 200's.

" Valkyrie Klynn and Valkyrie Catherine" both born on November 09' 1986.
both born to parents of the Scottish Clans chieftains Asst.
 (VCM)Perry and Marie Maclaomainn and (VKM)John and Nancy Macgreger.
Named Valkyrie at birth, VKM;s Parents were killed in an automobile
accident weeks after VKM's 2nd birthday. VCM's Family took her in as their own
raising her as VCM's twin sister due to their rare natural eye colors,
which both wear tented contacts for career reasons.
If little is known about the "twins"
It seems because they work hard with Vogue Executives
to keep it that way.Their stardom is well known but after being taken under
Alexandra Shulman's wings,information became speculation. they both are open
about their carreers and genuienly honest.The use of "pin" is not a new concept.
but these two elussive Ladies seem to not care for the Fame their mentor
(Alexandra Shulman) had thrust upon them.Using varied Names from different
cultures (unusual ones" seems to work well but being Native Scottish Gaelic(gd) speaking has
offered little in concealing their thick Scottish Accents.
   both have a working grasp on broken English and as of late,more
and more information is being offered about the "Twins" by their Editors
and various resources.

As a couple in modern society. Both Ladies Volunteer in various shelters and ways.sign up for volunteering after Arriving in any given city. "Time Permitting". The Valkyries are very involved in their home tomes activities, specially ones where VCM's brothers will be in attendance. taking in the Local Bag piping Band, Scottish Highland Games,Rugby,Soccer and community Parties like picnics
and festivals. "From an unbiased view point ,I must say, They seem to good to be true ."
Their Family life in all is one of a very close and tight knit group.a large Family, on a semi private Estate. VCM as it turns out, is the Bareness to the Loch Lamont Historical Family Estate and is very uninvolved in her local politics. but is very in touch with the people and community. told that she says  Quote " Its the peoples land ,their home, their say. not mine. As both are very e luff in there modeling careers. they are very visible at home in Inverness.
Their lives are not changed by there fame in the least. they are the same at home as on location. only visible differance is the site of the "4 Men" whom accompany them on location and travels.
As told they call these 4 men their "Guardians" Its a sight for sure .VCM and VKM both stand in the range of 6-2 in height. "lovely sights to behold." catching a passer buyers gaze ,then a shock to be encased in ex-Scottish Black Watch "Guardians". Reasons are quite understood considering.
(Details Omitted in respect for the Valkyrie Twins Catherine  and Klynn).VCM and VKm in their 13th Bbirthday were both abducted by 5 men and after a greatly horrible ordeal lasting 5 days.
both girls were found in a local landfill half alive. (origins of the Local news paper) (Name omitted).

I am a fashion reporter, through our NY corporate offices. it is my task to uncover and shed light on  models who are super starlets or up and comers. and because these ladies of Vogue are so elusive. im taking on this challenge to learn all i can about them, then to share that knowledge with the world.
 Mostly by using Pin Names (a Mark Twain) to keep the spotlight off their personal lives...
Much you will see in this blog site will seem unbelievable ! you will believe them someone else entirely. stunning features, being able to using  Makeup artist and stylist to change feature, eye contacts ,hair color  etc, these two ladies are beautiful and stunning ! there every woman men want.
and their untouchable !

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